Benefits of Using Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss

||Benefits of Using Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss

Benefits of Using Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss

he scene goes something like this:

You decide you’re ready to lose some weight. You do a little research and pick a popular diet. Maybe it’s calorie counting. Maybe it’s The Paleo Diet.  Maybe it’s some kind of juicing. Whatever it is, based on your brief research, it seems to be working for other people. So you give it a try. Two days in, you’re over it. Or maybe it takes you three weeks. Either way, you throw in the towel and binge on bagels and French fries and whatever else it is you’re starved for. The end.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. One study found that by the age of 45, the average woman has already tried 61 diets in her effort to stay slim. Another survey found that of those who diet regularly, 2 out of 7 quit within the first five days, 1 out of 5 quit within the first month, and only 1 out of 5 make it to the three-month mark.

Want to guess one of the main reasons most people give up on their diets? Hunger.

Makes sense, right? The answer is so obvious it’s almost laughable. But when you’re trying to lose weight, that hunger is more frustrating than amusing, namely because it’s so darn difficult to ignore – even if you do hang pictures of yourself at your ideal weight on the refrigerator.

How appetite suppressants can help.

At Viva Wellness in San Diego, we’ve helped many people meet and sustain their weight loss goals through our Medical Weight Loss Therapy program.  With the use of appetite suppressants and a healthy high-fiber, moderate-fat diet, our patients lose weight, and keep it off. Need a little more convincing on the benefits of appetite suppressants? Here are five:

  1. Weight loss is the result of taking in fewer calories than you use. No matter what diet you try, this will be true. So it makes sense that, if your body is accustomed to a high level of food intake and you suddenly decrease it, you’ll feel hungry. Long-term weight loss means changing your eating habits. Appetite suppressants can help bridge that hunger gap while your body acclimates to the lifestyle changes required to lose weight and keep it off long-term.
  2. Results beget results. The use of appetite suppressants can yield quick results, and those results make for great motivation. When you see the changes in the way your favorite jeans fit as you eat less, you’ll be more inspired to make the healthy decisions that help you lose more weight.
  3. Appetite suppressants can help you get healthier. Research shows that people using appetite suppressants lose as much as 5 to 10 percent of their body weight, which can reduce the risk for heart attack, stroke, and cancer. That sounds pretty darn good to us.
  4. When you control hunger with the use of appetite suppressants, it can help reveal the other ways in which you have used food to address boredom, stress, and emotional issues. Once you understand the triggers that cause you to binge or eat mindlessly, it’s easier to direct yourself toward healthier habits.
  5. When you use prescription appetite suppressants, such as those you’ll receive at Viva Wellness, they come with the experience and knowledge of a professional doctor who can make nutrition and exercise recommendations that fit your needs, your lifestyle, and your specific weight loss goals. The more support you have, the more likely you will succeed.

At Viva Wellness, we hear from patients nearly every day who thank us for helping them get out of the cycle of serial dieting. Many of them have been able to return to their ideal weight, and they’ve regained the confidence they’d lost after so many years of diet failure. And do you know what we tell them when they thank us?

It’s our pleasure. We’re happy to help.

For more specific information on the medications we prescribe, or any other questions regarding our Medical Weight Loss Therapy program, visit our San Diego location. Or drop us a line for a free consultation. Dr. Tachuk and the rest of us at Viva Wellness look forward to hearing from you.

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