What is HCG and How Can it Help With Weight Loss?

||What is HCG and How Can it Help With Weight Loss?

What is HCG and How Can it Help With Weight Loss?

If you’ve ever watched The Biggest Loser, then you’re well aware that losing serious weight takes a lot of effort. In the first few days, the contestants look glassy-eyed as they come to terms with exactly how much sheer will the experience is going to require. But then those who go all the way end up changing their habits, their bodies, and their lives completely.

Weight loss success stories are inspiring, for sure, but they also tend to make the rest of us feel flawed in comparison. At Viva Wellness in San Diego, we talk to people everyday who have spent years beating themselves up because they can’t seem to shed 10, 25, 40 pounds.

We get it. Losing weight hard. It’s certainly much more difficult than it looks on TV, and it takes a whole lot more than sheer will to do it. We’d venture to guess that if not for the extensive support network on The Biggest Loser campus (trainers, doctors, nutritionists, producers, and the other competitors) a hefty percentage of the contestants would walk away on the first day.


At Viva Wellness Weight Loss Clinic, we want to be your support network. One of the ways we can help you is through our hCG weight loss program. The program combines healthy diet and lifestyle recommendations with daily injections of hCG to boost and focus your weight loss.

What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) is a natural hormone produced by both men and women (though women produce it in large amounts during pregnancy). HCG stimulates other hormones into action, thereby affecting metabolism, muscle tissue, digestion, and other body systems.

How can HCG help with your weight loss?

  1. It’s important for us to note here that the hCG injections alone will not help you lose weight. You’ll need to follow the hCG diet (between 500 and 1500 calories per day) as prescribed for you by Dr. Tachuk and follow his other lifestyle recommendations.
  2. So why get the hCG injections if you still have to diet? Because these injections will help support your weight loss in three key ways:
  3. The presence of hCG in your blood stream diminishes your appetite. Think about all those diets you’ve tried but just couldn’t follow through with because you were so darn hungry.  With the diminished appetite that comes with the hCG injections, it’ll be easier to stick to the hCG calorie recommendations.
  4. HCG balances hormones. This may not sound like it has anything to do with weight loss, but the imbalance of those hormones may actually be the cause of your weight gain.  So, once your hormones are back in balance the way they should be, weight loss will be that much easier!
  5. HCG helps focus your weight loss so you lose fat rather than muscle.  This is really good news for three reasons:
  • Muscle helps boost your metabolism so you burn calories faster, even in a resting state.
  • Keeping your muscle tone helps you avoid the “skinny fat” look of that often accompanies dramatic weight loss.
  • It’s twice as hard to regain muscle tone than it is to maintain it. So, hanging onto your muscle (rather than losing it as the result of a crash diet) means you don’t have to put in all that extra effort to get tone again after you’ve lost the weight.

An important note:

Although you may come across hCG supplements in the forms of pills, drops, or sprays, only injections can get the hCG into your bloodstream quickly enough to help support your weight loss. What’s the point of taking a pill if the active ingredient dissolves before it even gets a chance to act?


We’re here for you

At Viva Wellness Weight Loss Clinic in San Diego, we don’t have to watch The Biggest Loser to be inspired by weight loss success stories. We see them every day.

Come on in. We’d love to talk to you about our hCG weight loss program or any of our other medical weight loss therapies. Imagine the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when you fit in a smaller clothing size and have that lean, toned body you’ve always wanted.

Let’s get you started so the next weight loss triumph that inspires you is your own.

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