Lose Weight Safely with Medical Weight Loss

||Lose Weight Safely with Medical Weight Loss

Lose Weight Safely with Medical Weight Loss

Most people decide to lose weight for a specific event: a wedding, a high school reunion, or a tropical vacation. And the closer the event gets the more drastic the measures they’ll take to shed the weight quickly and fit into the clothes they’re hoping to look good in.  In desperation, they reach for “detox cleanses” that promise 21 pounds lost in 21 days or pop pills recommended by a muscular actor on a television commercial.

Even when these wacky remedies result in lower numbers on the scale, more often than not, the health risks are high and the weight comes back almost as quickly as it’s lost. The cycle is then repeated anytime a special event comes around.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Viva Wellness in San Diego, our medical weight loss programs help people lose weight, stay healthy, and keep the weight off.


How medical weight loss is different

Maintaining a healthy weight requires a healthy lifestyle. At Viva Wellness, our medical weight loss programs provide you the opportunity to lose weight under the support and guidance of a doctor. Using a series of pharmaceutical tools, a nutritional plan, and education about exercise and appetite management, we can help you learn to live a healthy lifestyle to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals.

Pharmaceutical tools

Taking any kind of pill without the advice or recommendation of a doctor is never a good idea. But that doesn’t mean diet pills don’t work. When combined with proper diet and exercise, prescription diet medication can be a great tool to help jumpstart your weight loss.

At Viva Wellness, we can prescribe and monitor your use of prescription weight loss pills to help suppress your appetite while you learn tips and strategies to control your cravings. Appetite suppressants can increase your feeling of fullness so you eat less in each sitting.

Some of our medical weight loss programs can also affect the way your body sheds pounds, so that you lose more fat and less muscle, thus increasing your metabolism.

Medical support

Some quick-fix weight loss methods result in headaches, lack of energy, or fatigue.  While you may be told that this is normal when you’re “detoxing,” the truth is that healthy weight loss actually gives you energy and helps you feel good.

If you’re serious about losing weight in a healthy manner, then it’s important that you do so under the care of a doctor. Not only will you feel secure in the knowledge that your health is being carefully monitored, but you’ll also have access to medical professionals when you have questions about exercise, nutrition, or anything else along the way.

With the help and support of your team here at Viva Wellness, you will begin to see those pounds slip away. You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing it’s healthy weight loss that you’ll be able to maintain as long as you continue to live your new healthy lifestyle.


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