Easy Tips to Protect Your Skin This Summer

||Easy Tips to Protect Your Skin This Summer

Easy Tips to Protect Your Skin This Summer

Ask any number of San Diego transplants why they came or why they stay, and chances are, a large percentage of them will tell you, “For the weather.” It’s true that we’ve got it good here. The constant sunshine and warm temperatures are great for outdoor activities, year-round pedicures, and bike riding on the boardwalk.

But all that sunshine is not so good for our skin. Ultraviolet B (UVB) rays affect the genetic material of our epidermis and cause the damage that may lead to skin cancer. The UVB radiation also attacks our skin’s pigment cells, damaging their DNA and leading to freckles and brown spots. Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays penetrate at a deeper level, damaging the elastin and collagen that support the skin’s fibrous structure.

In other words, that pretty glow you have after a day at the beach is actually the result of sun-damaged skin. You may like the way it looks now, but you won’t in the long run.

At Viva Wellness in San Diego, we certainly don’t want to ruin your summer fun, but we want you to understand the importance of taking good care of your skin. As we make our way out of May Gray June Gloom season, the sun will start to burn even hotter, and for more hours of the day. Use these easy tips to protect your skin this summer.

Use sunscreen like you mean it
It’s important to wear sunscreen every day – all day. Though you may be tempted to just put it on in the morning, that’s not enough. You’ll need to re-apply it every few hours to keep your skin protected throughout the day.

Remember the short shadow rule
UV exposure is greatest between the hours of 10am and 4pm when the sun’s rays are strongest. If you can, try to avoid being in the sun during those hours. If you can’t remember those hours, or if you must be outside, remember this: “Short shadow = seek shade.” When your shadow is shorter than you are tall, you’re most at risk for sunburn.

Exfoliating your skin 2 or 3 times a week will help you shed dead skin as well as previous sun damage, keeping your skin bright and clear. You can take your exfoliation a step further by using a cleanser with salicylic or glycolic acid, but keep in mind that these will make your skin even more sensitive to the sun. Be sure to use a moisturizer with extra SPF.

Moisturize like there’s no tomorrow (and do it with SPF)
Moisturize with a rich cream at night to rehydrate your skin after a day of heat, humidity, and air conditioning. During the day, it’s ok to use a lighter moisturizer, but make sure it has SPF to boost your skin’s protection and prevent sunspots, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Bonus points for antioxidants
Antioxidants pack a serious punch when it comes to anti-aging skincare. During the day, your skincare products with antioxidants can actually enhance the effectiveness of your sunscreen. At night, they’ll promote cellular growth and repair. Antioxidants are right up there with sunscreen when it comes to fighting wrinkles, dullness, and discoloration.

Hydrate yourself, too
Drinking plenty of water is good for your body. When you stay hydrated, everything functions better. You won’t help your skin with just a glass or two of water per day, though. Water reaches all the other organs before it reaches the skin. If you’re not getting a sufficient amount of water, your skin will become skin dry, tight, flaky, and more prone to wrinkling.

Now that you know, you can protect your skin better this summer than ever before.

If you’ve spent your share of summers not protecting your skin, it’s likely you have some old sun damage dulling your complexion. If you’re interested in learning more about your options for rejuvenating and beautifying your skin, we can help. At Viva Wellness in San Diego, we offer a number of cosmetic procedures that will brighten your tone and reduce the appearance of blemishes and fine lines and wrinkles.

For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, give us a call or drop by our office on Rosecrans today!

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