ThermiSmooth and Ultherapy: Lift and Tighten Your Skin

||ThermiSmooth and Ultherapy: Lift and Tighten Your Skin

ThermiSmooth and Ultherapy: Lift and Tighten Your Skin

Sometimes we feel like we’re living on the set of Back to the Future. Just a couple of decades ago, we never would have guessed that we’d come so far so fast with cosmetic procedures.

It really wasn’t that long ago when the surgical facelift was a major triumph. And now we can lift and tighten without surgery? Astounding! As medical professionals, we understand the science, but sometimes when we take a step back, it can feel like movie magic.

Our patients feel the same way, and these days, ThermiSmooth and Ultherapy

are two of products we offer at Viva Wellness in San Diego that get the most enthusiastic response.

We’re not surprised.

Read on to see what ThermiSmooth and Ultherapy can do for you.


What is ThermiSmooth?

ThermiSmooth is a non-invasive procedure that provides excellent anti-aging results by tightening skin to create a more youthful appearance. ThermiSmooth works by using radiofrequency heat to stimulate collagen remodeling. The heat helps to strengthen and thicken the skin, so you get smooth, gorgeous, and wrinkle-free skin.

The ThermiSmooth handpiece helps us precisely target trouble zones and the radiofrequency heat is gentle enough to use on delicate areas such as crow’s feet, below the eyes, and around the lips, where it reduces lines, smoothens skin, and and packs an anti-aging punch. And because the radiofrequency heat is so gentle, you can come in for a treatment on your lunch hour – and go back to work when you’re done!

Yes, you heard right. Great results with no downtime!

What is Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is a little different than ThermiSmooth in that it treats the deep tissue rather than the surface of your skin. Ultherapy is a non-invasive procedure that combines ultrasound imaging with ultrasound heat to tighten and lift lax skin without disrupting the surface of the skin. In fact, Ultherapy is the only USFDA-cleared non-invasive lift!

The ultrasound technology allows us to precisely target and treat tissue at three levels: the superficial dermis, the deep dermis, and the superficial musculature aponeurotic system (SMAS), the latter of which is typically manipulated in cosmetic surgery. Ultherapy stimulates long-term tissue remodeling, which leads to further lifting and tightening over time. And trust us when we say the results are gorgeous!

Ultherapy Non-Surgical Facelift is as good as it gets when it comes to lifting and tightening lax skin without surgery!

Why choose Ultherapy or ThermiSmooth over surgery?

So many reasons!

  • Ultherapy and ThermiSmooth are non-invasive
  • You get great results in as little as a single treatment (though you may opt for more)
  • Ultherapy and ThermiSmooth require no recovery period
  • Ultherapy and ThermiSmooth result in minimal side effects (rare swelling or redness are gone within mere hours)


So many procedures, so little downtime!

At Viva Wellness in San Diego, we offer a wide range of cosmetic services, from anti-aging to fat melting to skin resurfacing to tattoo removal and more.

Looking for Non-Surgical Facelift procedures that offer gorgeous results with no downtime? We’ve got plenty (and yeah, we think it’s kinda like movie magic, too).
Give us a call and lets talk about your beauty goals today!

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