What is in an HCG Injection and Is it Safe?

||What is in an HCG Injection and Is it Safe?

What is in an HCG Injection and Is it Safe?

You may have heard about a new weight-loss therapy called HCG injection. Many people want to know if these injections are safe and how they work. Ultimately, the HCG injection is designed to work hand in hand with proper dieting and exercise to achieve the best possible results.


What is HCG?

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This particular hormone is created by the body as a means of increasing hormone production in other areas of the body. It is largely responsible for hormone growth during pregnancy and is generally considered safe for use.

Since hormones are responsible for moderating your metabolism and other body functions, it is thought that HCG injections can help speed up or reset your metabolism and assist with weight loss.


How it Works

HCG is used in conjunction with regular dieting and physical activity. In order for it to be effective, an HCG weight-loss program typically requires careful tracking of calories, focusing specifically on increasing proteins and vegetables.

When you begin an HCG diet plan you will be put on a reduced-calorie diet and begin taking daily HCG injections. There are both prescriptions strength and over-the-counter HCG products that work to varying degrees, although the over-the-counter versions are not monitored by the FDA.



The safest way to use HCG is with the help of a professional to monitor your results and diet. Since over-the-counter HCG is not closely regulated, it is difficult to know how much of the hormone is present in those products.

By contrast, prescription HCG is safe for use, according to the FDA, for fertility treatments. For use in diet, you should do adequate research to understand the importance of a proper diet plan and how the HCG works with your body.

Ultimately, there still is limited science regarding the HCG hormone and dietary use. The hormone itself is safe for use as it naturally occurs in our bodies; however, for real results you will need to use it correctly.


Viva Wellness

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