Six Simple Ways to Make Your Botox Last Longer

||Six Simple Ways to Make Your Botox Last Longer

Six Simple Ways to Make Your Botox Last Longer

As Botox injections in San Diego have grown more popular, many people now know the results typically only last up to six months at a time. Fortunately, there are a few ways to extend the life of these wrinkle fillers and enjoy your new look for a longer period of time.

Consider these important tips:

  1. Find an Experienced Doctor: The success of a Botox treatment requires proper placement, adequate dosage and an effective treatment schedule. If any of these elements are off, your results could fade faster than intended.
  2. Get Into A Routine: Part of an effective treatment schedule means setting up a long-term plan for injections. Injections done too close together can cause your muscles to stop responding, while injections spaced too far out will start to show wrinkles between treatments. Your routine may change over time as your doctor adjusts your dosage and placement.
  3. Don’t Wrinkle Your Face: If you habitually crease your forehead or furrow your brow, try to stop. Some of these movements may be involuntary, but you can train yourself to avoid creating new wrinkles. Spending too much time in the mirror examining your face actually can make things worse. However, some doctors will tell you to make funny faces to help the Botox make its way through the muscles right after the injection.
  4. Avoid the Sun: The sun is a primary cause of aging skin, and that doesn’t change after you have Botox injections. Avoid staying out for too long and make sure you use proper sunblock to protect your skin.
  5. Don’t Scrub Too Much: Immediately following your Botox injections, allow your skin some time to heal and regulate itself. Don’t apply heavy scrubs or masks that can prevent the Botox from doing its work.
  6. Don’t Overdo It: Botox injections continue to work on your muscles as the chemicals are absorbed. If you don’t see the results you want immediately, wait at least six weeks before trying again. If you get your injections too close together your muscles could react negatively.

Viva Wellness

These are just six of the ways you can help improve your results with Botox. Viva Wellness offers Botox injections in San Diego as part of our facial services. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options.

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