Look Your Best with Regular Chemical Peel Treatments

||Look Your Best with Regular Chemical Peel Treatments

Look Your Best with Regular Chemical Peel Treatments

Everyone wants nice skin. But what many people don’t know is that one of the best ways to achieve nice skin is to get a chemical peel. This is because every single one of us has a flawless complexion that is sitting just underneath the surface of the skin.

Chemical peel treatments are relatively simple to apply. Once a chemical peel has been performed, your dead skin cells are removed. This leaves you with very smooth, beautiful skin. The skin cells that are underneath your external layer of skin basically move up. Additionally, your body reacts to the chemical peel by producing more collagen, by producing more hyaluronic acid, and by producing more elastin. This makes your skin look young and act young.

Another nice thing about a chemical peel and why it can make your skin look so nice is because since that external layer of rough, dead, old skin is gone, when you apply skin care products, they are able to have the maximum benefit. This is because there are no dead skin cells that are impeding the skin care product’s ability to penetrate your skin and provide the care that you need.

Chemical peel treatments have changed drastically in the past few decades. The formulas that are used to create the peels are powerful, but they are not abrasive to your skin. This means that virtually anyone can use a chemical peel regardless of their skin color. Now, hyperpigmentation, something that individuals with darker skin had a valid reason to be concerned about when they had a peel, is a thing of the past.

Something that modern aestheticians understand is that it is better to use a mixture of acids at a lower dose than using one acid at a higher dose. These pre-measured, premixed acid chemical peels produce powerful results, but they leave your skin healthy. You don’t have all of the negative side effects that were a common part of professional peel treatments just a few years ago.

These days, medical professionals can create a chemical peel that is specific to the conditions that you have on your face. If you are battling with acne, if you are battling with scars, if you are battling with uneven skin tone, or if you feel that your skin looks and feels rough, all of this can be treated by using a peel treatment.

There is no longer an excuse for you not to like the appearance and health of your skin. Look your best and feel your best with regular chemical peel treatments at Viva Wellness Medical Group. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in San Diego!

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