What is Lipodissolve?

||What is Lipodissolve?

What is Lipodissolve?

Nearly everyone has a little extra fat that they would like to get rid of permanently. Unfortunately, exercise and a clean diet are usually not enough to completely eliminate your unwanted fat. Liposuction can solve this problem, but it will also force you to go through a lengthy recovery process. If you are looking to get the body of your dreams without undergoing a highly invasive surgery, then we invite you to schedule a consultation with us to learn more about Lipodissolve.

Lipodissolve is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that is designed to eliminate the fat in the problem areas of your body. Lipodissolve works by making a series of injections directly into your unwanted fat. The medical solution in these injections then works to break down the fat cells and turn them into liquid. Your body will naturally dispose of the liquefied fat cells to give you the body of your dreams.

Lipodissolve can effectively be used on the arms, thighs, stomach and chin. It is important to understand, however, that you will not be able to use this treatment as a weight loss plan. You must be at or near your ideal weight in order to qualify for Lipodissolve. All of your questions and concerns will be discussed in the consultation at our office. We will also perform a full examination of your body during the consultation to make sure you qualify for Lipodissolve.

The Lipodissolve solution only contains natural vitamins, chemicals and enzymes, so there are absolutely no major risks associated with the treatment. You will still experience some minor side effects near the injection sites. These mild side effects should not last longer than a few days. You will be able to return to most of your normal responsibilities immediately after the procedure, but you should refrain from exercise for a set amount of time afterwards.

You may have to undergo a series of treatment sessions in order to completely eliminate all of your problematic fat. The exact number of treatments is determined based on each individual case, but most patients require multiple Lipodissolve sessions.

It will take multiple weeks after your first Lipodissolve treatment session before you start to see some results. Your body will continue to transform throughout the treatment process. While your problematic fat will be eliminated with this innovative procedure, it can still return in the future. You must eat a healthy diet, exercise and maintain your current weight to keep your results.

If Lipodissolve interests you, schedule a consultation with us at Viva Wellness Medical Group in San Diego to see if the procedure is right for you. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!

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