How to Lose Weight When You Have Tried Everything

||How to Lose Weight When You Have Tried Everything

How to Lose Weight When You Have Tried Everything

More than ever, we are having issues losing weight. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 80% of adults and one-third of children can now be defined as clinically overweight. If you are overweight, it is essential to both your mental and physical health to lose weight, as being overweight can contribute to the development of depression, heart disease, diabetes, and a litany of other ailments and diseases.


However, if it was easy to lose weight everyone would do it. Losing weight can be exceedingly difficult, and if you have struggled with weight loss you have likely tried just about everything. Be it an exciting fad diet or a revolutionary exercise routine, or a miracle new device, the trash is littered with tried and failed weight loss trends.


So what should you do to lose weight when you have tried everything? The answer is medical weight loss therapy, which is a weight program that is prescribed by medical professionals and backed by science. Below are some of the most effective treatments as part of a medical weight loss program, and for more information contact Viva Wellness Medical Group in San Diego by calling (619) 648-4447.

1. Phentermine

It can be nearly impossible to follow a healthy diet. Munching on vegetables can be so difficult when you know that pizza is out there, just waiting to be eaten! Phentermine is one of the most effective medical weight loss tools, fighting food cravings and helping you stick to a healthy and well-balanced diet. Phentermine also gives you an energy boost, speeding up your metabolism and burning calories at a faster rate. If you struggle with weight loss and have tried everything, combine phentermine with a calorie-controlled diet to finally see incredible results. see also phentermine weight loss


2. Hormone Replacement Optimization

Your difficulty losing weight could be because of a hormone imbalance, making it a nearly impossible battle to lose excess pounds. Hormone replacement optimization is a noninvasive and easy treatment that targets and replaces hormones that may be a barrier to you getting to your ideal weight. By optimizing your hormone balance, you will find that stubborn pounds that previously refused to leave are finally melting away.

3. HCG Injections for Weight Loss

HCG injections for weight loss are a great way to help you see results. HCG injections stimulate the production of hormones in your body that can boost your metabolism, aid digestion, improve your liver function, and produce other benefits to help you lose weight. HCG injections combined with a healthy diet can be an effective way to lose weight.

Medical Weight Loss Therapy in San Diego at Viva Wellness

Phentermine, hormone replacement optimization, and HCG Injections are just three examples of the miracle of medical weight loss therapy. Other medical weight loss supplements such as phendimetrazine, Bontril, topiramate, qsymia, belviq, and contrave can also help you on your weight loss journey. If you are struggling to lose weight, you need to visit a medical weight loss specialist at Viva Wellness in San Diego. After analyzing your body chemistry, metabolism, and hormone balance, we can offer a scientifically supported weight management program that is completely customized to you. If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule an appointment at our San Diego location, contact Viva Wellness today by calling (619) 648-4447.

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