Not all dermal fillers are created equal. Treatments for frown lines or crow’s feet may not necessarily be the best fillers for lips. When it comes to plumping up your pout and eradicating those fine lines and wrinkles around your mouth, two of your top options are Juvederm and Restylane – but they have subtle differences that can affect your final results.

If you’re trying to decide between Juvederm and Restylane for lip augmentation, read on to find out more about how they vary, and which one might be right for you.

The differences between Juvederm and Restylane

Both Juvederm and Restylane are comprised of the same basic ingredient: hyaluronic acid. A substance found naturally throughout your body, the main purpose of hyaluronic acid is to retain moisture in your joints, eyes, and skin. Used as an injectable dermal filler, hyaluronic acid gels can create volume and structure in areas of your face that are wrinkled or thin – such as your lips.

Even though the two formulas contain the same active ingredient, the concentration of hyaluronic acid in Juvederm is higher than that of Restylane. In general, this gives Juvederm a smoother consistency, and allows it to be molded after injection. Results are immediate and last up to twelve months.

Restylane is a bulkier gel than Juvederm, making it harder to mold once injected. The benefit is that it tends to stay where it’s placed, leading to more consistent and expected results. Restylane results take a couple of days to set in and last between eight and ten months.

Juvederm or Restylane: which filler is best for lips?

There’s no clear-cut answer as to whether Juvederm or Restylane is better for lips because there is no one-size-fits-all dermal filler treatment. Many patients swear by one formula, while others swear by the other. Determining which lip filler is right for you depends on your goals, your existing facial structure, and other factors, such as whether you’re more interested in immediate or longer-lasting results.

Both Juvederm and Restylane treat vertical lip lines and wrinkles around the mouth, and provide natural-looking fullness, which can be subtle or dramatic, according to your desired results. The best way to decide between Juvederm and Restylane is to speak with a skilled and experienced practitioner who can assess your features and design a treatment plan that helps you reach your aesthetic goals.

Restylane vs Juvederm: cost considerations

Exact costs vary based on the number of injections you need, but in general, both Juvederm and Restylane are priced similarly. Because Juvederm lasts longer, it may prove to be more cost-effective than Restylane in the long run. But when it comes to cosmetic treatments, money should never be the only consideration. It’s more important to prioritize your aesthetic goals and choose the treatments most likely to give you the results you want.

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