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Lip Augmentation

Beauty trends may come and go, but full, pillowy lips never go out of style—just look at beauty icons of the past and present, like Marilyn Monroe and Angelina Jolie. If you were born with thinner lips, and or have lost lip volume with age, we have good news for you: lip augmentation offers a minimally invasive way to plump your lips for a more sensual and youthful appearance. 

Why do lips thin out over time?

Aside from genetics, the shape of your lips is determined by collagen, a structural protein that adds contour to your face. However, collagen production peaks around age 20 and decreases about 1% each year. Other factors can speed up the loss of collagen in the lips and skin, such as smoking, excessive sugar consumption, and extensive exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays and atmospheric pollution. As your collagen production decreases, so does the plumpness of your lips.

Lip augmentation options

There are several lip enhancement procedures available to plump your lips, but the most common is the use of dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid, which boosts the skin’s natural elasticity and volume. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the human body, and it works superbly as a dermal filler due to its moisture-binding qualities, which result in smooth fullness that’s resistant to lumps. Juvederm and Restylane are the most widely-used brands of hyaluronic acid for lip augmentation, creating soft, full lips with no surgery or downtime.

Lip filler procedure

At Viva Wellness, the procedure for lip plumping with dermal fillers is relatively fast and simple. First, Dr. Tachuk will numb your lips with a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Next, he’ll administer small amounts of filler to line and define your lips, ensuring the middle of the bottom lip is the thickest area for the most attractive proportions. Immediately after the procedure, you might notice swelling, redness, and tenderness, but these should clear up within a couple of days, leaving you with naturally looking plump lips for six to eighteen months.

Benefits of lip augmentation

Lip augmentation with dermal fillers will give you fuller, sexier lips that balance the symmetry of your face and provide an instant boost in confidence. Other benefits of lip augmentation include:

  • Fast treatment: Lip filler procedures typically take less than an hour to complete in an outpatient setting, and only one treatment is usually needed for optimal results.
  • Minimal bruising and swelling: Injectable fillers cause less bruising and swelling than lip implant surgery.
  • Immediate, long-lasting results: You can show off your new plump lips as soon as the temporary swelling subsides, and results will last up to six months.
  • Reversibility: If for some reason you’re not satisfied with your lip augmentation, it can be reversed with an easy procedure involving a product that dissolves the filler.

Dermal fillers using a needle vs. a cannula

Lip augmentation procedures typically use needles to inject hyaluronic acid, involving several tiny pricks along the edges of the lips. But many doctors, including Dr. Tachuk at Viva Wellness, offer the option of using a cannula instead of a traditional needle. A cannula is a blunt-tip needle that is used to make a single hole instead of several tiny holes around the lips. This allows the doctor to inject the filler with more precise placement for more natural-looking results. As a bonus, lip injections with a cannula also prevent bruising, allowing you to show off your new lips sooner after the procedure.

Are you a good candidate for lip augmentation?

If your lips have lost volume and definition with age, or if you’ve always had thin lips and dream of fuller, plumper lips, you might be a good candidate for lip augmentation. At Viva Wellness, we offer a variety of lip augmentation fillers and techniques to ensure you love your results. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (619) 648-4447 to schedule your consultation today!

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