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Liposuction with ThermiTight
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Liposuction with ThermiTight addresses both excess skin and fat simultaneously

ThermiTight, an injectable radio frequency skin tightening treatment, is combined with liposuction to remove fat and shrink the skin so that the skin appears more even and smoother than if liposuction was just performed alone. Liposuction is a great way to remove excess fat from the face, neck, abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks, and liposuction with ThermiTight can be used on the same body areas as well.

Benefits of Liposuction with ThermiTight:

 Remove fat

 No loose skin afterwards

 No large scars from sagging skin removal

Liposuction with ThermiTight for Back/Bra Rolls

There never has been good solution to what women refer to as the annoying problem of rolls of skin and fat on the back below the bra. Direct excision leaves a long scar and liposuction alone, no matter what technique is used, still doesn’t solve the problem because excess skin may end up sagging more. What’s to be done? Now there is a solution: Liposuction with ThermiTight. ThermiTight technology is referred to as “injectable radio frequency” therapy. It’s benefit is skin tightening, so if the surgeon removes as much fat as is possible, the remaining skin can be effectively tightened with ThermiTight. Liposuction with ThermiTight is a new term just emerging as the experience with ThermiTight technology spreads due to its tremendous success.

Liposuction with ThermiTight for Arms

Loose, flabby arms are the bane of every woman’ existence. Until now, plastic surgeons have only had surgical arm lifts to offer these women or some type of liposuction that may leave even looser skin behind. Now, Liposuction with ThermiTight can be used to remove fat AND tighten the skin under the arms that often appears with age and weight loss. By combining liposuction to remove the excess arm fat with ThermiTight, a patient with loose, flabby arms has an excellent alternative to conventional incisional surgery. The scars from Liposuction with ThermiTight are almost invisible due to their minute size. Liposuction with ThermiTight can be performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure in the office.

Liposuction with ThermiTight for Face and Neck

Liposuction with ThermiTight is a great way to remove excess fat from the face and neck to give a more triangular and youthful facial appearance. But what does the patient with both excess fat AND loose skin do? Have a facelift? For many patients, the idea of having a facelift is just too daunting a prospect. For others, the cost of a conventional facelift is just too high. By combining the results of liposuction with that of the skin tightening benefits of ThermiTight, a satisfactory outcome with a natural-looking result can be achieved, saving the patient the prolonged healing time, high expense and greater risk of facelift surgery.

A patient who undergoes Liposuction with ThermiTight of the face and neck can expect to resume normal activities within 7 days, with maximum results visible in 3-4 months.

ThermiTight alone without liposuction has an even shorter downtime of just 2-5 days when the patient has little or no excess fat.

Liposuction with ThermiTight for Thighs and Buttocks

The lateral thigh and buttocks can be prone to skin irregularities after liposuction, particularly in large fat volume cases. Dimpling of the skin post-procedure is common, even though it usually lessens in the months following treatment. The addition of ThermiTight to the liposuction procedure makes such a difference and ultimately creates the best results, reducing the appearance of cellulite and dimples, and making the skin in the thigh and buttocks area smooth and even to the touch.

Liposuction with ThermiTight for the Abdomen

For the treatment of excess abdominal skin and fat, there have always been two choices. The first is liposuction and its variations that are very good for removing excess skin; however, patients with thin or loose skin sometimes end up with irregular or wrinkly skin. Formal abdominoplasty is a very good operation but comes at a high price in terms of cost, postoperative pain, scars and abdominal numbness. So, is there an alternative?

Liposuction with ThermiTight of the abdomen now addresses the issue of both excess skin and excess fat simultaneously. This procedure can provide a satisfactory solution to the problem of excess abdominal fat and skin without the need for extensive scars, healing time and the other drawbacks. As an extra bonus, Liposuction with ThermiTight can be performed safely under local anesthesia in an office setting.

Before and After Liposuction with ThermiTight

Liposuction with ThermiTight for Breasts

ThermiTight technology is successfully used to lift the breast profile to result in an actual breast lift. Liposuction is used in certain selected cases to reduce breast size in lieu of conventional excisional breast reduction. They can be combined to perform an actual breast reduction.

Surgical breast reduction is a very satisfying solution for women suffering the inconvenience, pain and embarrassment of very large breasts but surgical breast reduction comes at a potential high cost. Beside financial burden, side effects include extensive scars, possible decreased nipple sensation and even loss of nipple tissue.

For small to medium breast reductions, Liposuction with ThermiTight is a possible solution. The injectable radio frequency skin tightening benefits of ThermTight are combined with liposuction, and together, this procedure can be used to reduce the breast volume and the associated skin envelope to prevent a “deflated” look of the breasts that could happen with liposuction alone.



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