Reyes B.
Submitted 07/01/22
Love this place!!!

Nina T.
Submitted 06/23/22
Love this doctor! I cheated on him once… never again.

Charles L.
Submitted 06/14/22
I had two doctors see me we went over everything was very nice very pleasant and we went over a lot of options and they made the best choice for me

Sheryl S.
Submitted 05/18/22
Quality and knowledgeable staff.

Vicki V.
Submitted 04/16/22
Great staff and of course Dr. Tachuk.

Deb M.
Submitted 03/03/22
Received Botox and monitored weight loss.

Leetal K.
Submitted 03/02/22
It was great. I’ve been coming here for years.

Leah D.
Submitted 02/03/22
This Place is amazing very affordable and Dr. Tachuk is awesome very informative and attentive to your skin care needs! I’ll definitely recommend and will be returning!

Teresa D.
Submitted 02/03/22
Excellent service

Sheryl S.
Submitted 01/09/22
Staff always are professional and courteous. Know options for weight loss

Maelisa R.
Submitted 12/16/21
Dr Michaels is the grand master of Botox beautification!

Juanita P.
Submitted 11/22/21
I’ve been seeing Dr. Michael for a couple decades now. He listens, he performs magic with my procedures, and he cares about his patients. I won’t go anywhere else!

Crystal F.
Submitted 10/29/21
Very professional fantastic results

Jennifer P.
Submitted 10/13/21
Excellent service. Will be back in 6 months.

Trine N.
Submitted 09/26/21
Dr Tachuk and his staff are very friendly and professional the new offices are beautiful.

Denise W.
Submitted 09/22/21
Very quick scheduling of appointment. Great service.

Yvette L.
Submitted 09/18/21
Dr. Tachuk and staff are very personable and professional. He has great specials and great results! I recommend friends and colleagues all the time. My daughter and I have been loyal clients for several years

Donna M.
Submitted 07/31/21
Wonderful visit. Everyone was very friendly and super helpful. Doctor was encouraging. I’m excited to be back. The new facility is just lovely and inviting.

Submitted 07/19/21
Have been a patient for years now. Always a great experience. Everyone is kind and professional.

Gloria H.
Submitted 07/15/21
It was easy to make an appointment. The office was clean, professional. Dr. Tachuk addressed my concerns and explained procedures.

Patricia G.
Submitted 07/14/21
Very pleasant and easy going experience with a detail medical history and exam.

Rosa S.
Submitted 07/13/21
Dr. Tachuk is the best! Him and his team are professional, friendly, their work is excellent, outstanding and with attention to detail. I am so happy and impressed with their work that I am switching from my old cosmetic clinic and I’ll be getting everything cosmetic done at Viva Wellness now. Isabella is the best in the front office and Sally did miracles for me with her treatments, the doctor has the eye of an eagle and many years of experience. Don’t risk your time, money and efforts to look your best in other places, give Viva Wellness a try.. you’ll be happy you did!

Angela G.
Submitted 07/10/21
Dr. Micheal has the eye! I’ve been coming to Viva Wellness for 10+ years and have always had good experiences.

Laurie C.
Submitted 07/02/21
It’s was great!!! Super busy place but I got in at my appointment time and out! Very thorough!!! Great experience!!!

Anton V.
Submitted 07/02/21
Fantastic service!

Natasha K.
Submitted 07/02/21
Best experience! He numbed my lips perfectly and didn’t feel a thing. Price was reasonable and my lips look amazing!!!!

Steve C.
Submitted 06/13/21
Excellent service and I was taken right near closing time as a new patient. Very professional and friendly.

Sandy B.
Submitted 05/22/21
My apologies, I didn’t catch the receptionist’s name but she was so helpful & kind. And the nurse who administered my shots is a master at painless injections.

Maria G.
Submitted 04/23/21
Friendly and professional staff.

Linda P.
Submitted 04/05/21
Good experience

Myisha G.
Submitted 04/05/21
I’m always happy to be a patient at Viva Wellness

Cristina C.
Submitted 04/05/21
Superb service!

Anton V.
Submitted 03/30/21
Always, courteous and professional!

Mary M.
Submitted 03/05/21
Dr. T I have been going to him for 15 years . He has a very gentle touch and always takes care of me with the services I go and see him for.

Hajar B.
Submitted 03/03/21

Uyen N.
Submitted 02/17/21
Dr. Tachuk took his time and and did an incredible job. I suffer from terrible migraines and within a few days the dysport helped tremendously.

Janet W.
Submitted 02/04/21
Great fast and professional

Crystal F.
Submitted 01/30/21
I love my doctor he does a great job in keeping me beautiful and healthy

Kiana M.
Submitted 01/27/21
Great I love Viva Wellness

Carly F.
Submitted 01/26/21
Fast, simple

Amber V.
Submitted 01/16/21
The doctor and staff were very friendly got exactly what I asked for they answered all my questions definitely looking forward to my next visit

Louise B.
Submitted 01/15/21
Always professional, and answers all my questions.

Jack F.
Submitted 01/13/21
Excellent responsiveness and results.

Julie R.
Submitted 01/11/21
I love Dr T, he does a great job. Problem is no one ever returns my messages I’ve left on VM, and no I’m be calls me back when they say they are.

Judith M.
Submitted 01/04/21
Great experience!

Sandra S.
Submitted 12/31/20
As always appointment went smoothly.

Christine M.
Submitted 12/31/20
Dr. Tachuck is a very professional and knowledgeable physician with many years of experience in esthetic medicine.

Suzanne A.
Submitted 12/29/20
Great service!!!

Amber R.
Submitted 12/16/20
Great experience. I look forward to my next visit with a slimmer me. Thank you Dr and your team for your assistance.

Terri B.
Submitted 12/15/20
Thank you for a great experience Dr. Michael!

Sandra H.
Submitted 12/09/20
The crease lines between my eyes were really deep. Dr. Tachuk’s technique of using filler and botox completely smoothed the creases. I felt safe, no pain and no bruising. I am so happy with the results!

Sandra S.
Submitted 12/07/20
I really was skeptical. I thought it was going to be a huge problem to get in at this time. I was pleasantly surprised & thrilled it went so well. I really didn’t know what to expect being a new location. I was in & out with no problems. The staff was wonderful & took all precautions. Great experience. I look forward to my next visit.

Fernanda T.
Submitted 12/05/20
Great experience as a first timer. I barely waited to be helped when I checked in. The staff and Dr. Tachuk were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr. Tachuk really took his time to explain my conditions with me as well as my treatment options. I had a great visit and the doctor’s demeanor has really put me at ease so I highly recommend this place.

Laura M.
Submitted 12/02/20
Good service.

Debbie B.
Submitted 11/28/20
Pleasant experience. Office personnel kind and helpful. Dr Tachuk very professional.

Cheryl D.
Submitted 11/28/20
Everyone was so nice. Dr. T. Answered all my questions abt a variety of skin issues- never once did I feel rushed. Would recommend & definitely would go back

Eileen M.
Submitted 11/18/20
Always quick and efficient

Teresa F.
Submitted 11/17/20
Great Safe Service!

Submitted 11/17/20
New Location easy to find. Also located where more street parking and parking lot are available. Nice staff!

Brittany C.
Submitted 11/16/20
On time, in an out very quickly.

Autumn P.
Submitted 11/14/20
Quick, efficient, very helpful

Jessica L.
Submitted 11/12/20
Respectful and professional staff.

Yaying D.
Submitted 11/05/20
Dr. Michael is the best doctor in San Diego.

Jermaine J.
Submitted 11/01/20
Fast and easy. I will definitely be going back

Luciana A.
Submitted 11/01/20
Always good and nice to do my treatment at Viva Wellness

Teresa S.
Submitted 10/24/20
Quick and easy as usual. Always professional.

Yvette L.
Submitted 10/23/20
Flexible and accommodating! Great services and products. Many referrals to Dr. Tachuk with great feedback

Lisa H.
Submitted 10/21/20
Wonderful! Love the new location.

Rita D.
Submitted 10/19/20
Always so quick and easy. Love this place

Deborah W.
Submitted 10/17/20
Nice staff, knowledgeable. Great experience..

Deanna P.
Submitted 10/17/20
I have been going up Dr. Tachuk for years and am very happy with my experience! He is amazing!

Deanna P.
Submitted 10/17/20
Great experience! Dr. Tachuk took great care of me! I would highly recommend!

Lakece J.
Submitted 10/17/20
I have only been a patient for the past two months but the staff is very friendly. The physician doesn’t talk too much but the staff members make up for that they are very sweet women.

Susan S.
Submitted 10/14/20
Even though the office had just moved a week prior, they were very quick at assisting me.

Maureen H.
Submitted 10/14/20
Dr. Michael is amazing!!! I trust him! He has always been there for me the last seven years. Thankful!

Kiana M.
Submitted 10/13/20
Viva wellness is my favorite place. Dr Tachuk always makes me feel welcomed. Unlike other drs I’ve visited. They also seem to have the best prices.

Julie R.
Submitted 10/11/20
I love Dr. Tachuk, he is always so pleasant, mellow, and he does a XLENT job with Botox/fillers. He’s careful and thoughtful with the injections… not like other places I’ve been. I wish him the best in his new location. Better parking for sure.

Carmen H.
Submitted 10/09/20
I do not have any problems finding the new location and there was no wait to be seen for my appointment. Overall pleasant experience!

Michelle G.
Submitted 10/08/20

Lisa D.
Submitted 09/25/20
Always accommodating and I love the shots!

Griselda R.
Submitted 09/24/20
Very friendly staff. All my questions answered. Excellent service.

Ernest D.
Submitted 09/22/20
First time getting Botox ,went smoothly. Initially just interested in the removing frow lines and told dr about sagging eyelids so he did Botox eyebrow lift for that which I didn’t know you could, do I was pleasantly surprised.

Kyra C.
Submitted 09/03/20

Anton V.
Submitted 08/23/20
Quick and efficient

Lani T.
Submitted 07/30/20
They have great protocols in place. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

Susan S.
Submitted 06/26/20
Very pleased with my visit to the office as they are providing a very safe environment!

Yvonne M.
Submitted 06/19/20
I highly recommend this wellness clinic. I’ve been coming here for years. It has always been a pleasurable experience. Dr. Tachuk and his staff have always been very polite and professional.

Angely G.
Submitted 03/13/20
I appreciate the way Dr. Tachuk treats his patients. He is patient and calm. He listens to the concerns of the patient and he shows he cares. I am happy with the treatment from the doctor. My only concern is the pricing change. I was told over the phone different price than at the office when I arrived.

Submitted 02/23/20
I’ve been going here for years! I have All ways had EXCELLENT service!

Iris N.
Submitted 02/22/20
Friendly n professional

Gloria P.
Submitted 02/22/20
Went in for Botox and fillers. Had a wonderful experience with Janet the nurse. She’s extremely knowledgeable, experienced, clean and friendly. I highly recommend her. In addition Viva Wellness offers additional services which are great too.

Nancy H.
Submitted 02/04/20
Inna , (Dr. Michael) assistant is so professional and handles the front office so fabulous. When they’re busy she make sure that all of the patients are being taken care of. I don’t know what they would do without her she is the “STAR” of Dr Michael’s office.

Nancy H.
Submitted 02/04/20
Dr. Michael is excellent he always takes the time to explain what he’s doing you never feel rushed I would recommend him to my best friend or family anytime thank you for the great service

Joshua W.
Submitted 01/31/20
Clinical microbiology and nutrition is my background, and gaining my confidence in a clinic is not easy. I live in Arizona, yet my wife and I’ve been here multiple times, b/c the expertise, service, and professionalism of Dr. Tachuk, and his staff have been far better than anywhere else we’ve been.

Holly W.
Submitted 01/29/20
Janet is the most amazing aesthetician I have ever met! Trust her completely.

Yvette L.
Submitted 01/22/20
Dr.Tachuk is pleasant and professional

Patricia F.
Submitted 01/22/20
The best place in San Diego to feel young, healthy and beautiful. Dr. Michael Tachuk is an artist, he has been applying on me Botox, Juvederm, etc. for over fifteen years now. With all his procedures I never had a need of any plastic surgery. Dr. Michael takes his time with every procedure, he listens. I am happy every time. He has a very nice staff working at Viva Wellness.

Ron B.
Submitted 01/11/20
Dr. Tachuk and his staff are very professional and polite. Always satisfied with his services.

Lisa H.
Submitted 01/05/20
Best Doctor ever!!

Vanessa G.
Submitted 01/04/20
Friendly, organized, professional.

Ivy H.
Submitted 12/23/19
Very helpful

LissAndra E.
Submitted 12/21/19
Love this place!

Sheryl S.
Submitted 12/16/19
Excellent customer service appreciate their show of caring.

Bettina H.
Submitted 11/23/19
Very helpful staff and I look forward to trying their monthly specials!

Sandra Michell C.
Submitted 11/16/19
Always a Pleasure experience

Deborah M.
Submitted 11/06/19
Great job on filler

Mary O.
Submitted 10/17/19
Dr T and staff are awesome! I drive all the way from Phoenix Arizona to get myself taken care of. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Yah, I’m sure there are closer places I could go to, but these guys, in my opinion, are the best!!!

Lilia D.
Submitted 10/11/19
I enjoy my visits to viva wellness. The staff is very friendly, the facility is clean and Dr. Michael makes me feel like a valued patient. He doesn’t rush through procedures. I value his knowledge and professionalism.

Erica D.
Submitted 10/03/19
Cael has been great to work with! He is very committed to good patient experience!

Ceary S.
Submitted 10/02/19
This place is so lovely and clean, the staff was super friendly and professional. All my questions were answered and I will definitely return again.

Marta T.
Submitted 09/27/19

Lisa H.
Submitted 09/26/19
Dr. Michael is wonderful! I have been going to him for years. I am NEVER overdone and always pleased with my results. He has used Juvederm and Botox/Dysport on me. I had gone to another doctor before him and can’t say enough about my treatments from him. His staff is always friendly, which is a nice bonus.

Fernando T.
Submitted 09/22/19
Professional, clean place!

Martha M.
Submitted 09/22/19
Staff and Doctor provide excellent help and care. Very professional. I have been a patient for many years. Totally satisfied.

Keith J.
Submitted 09/22/19
Reem was an amazing person. She care for patients a lot and she has the best custom service ever

Juan V.
Submitted 09/22/19
Great Everyone very courteous and helpful

Chris K.
Submitted 09/22/19
As always an exceptional experience from arrival to departure.

Yvette L.
Submitted 09/21/19
Inna’s warm smile sets such a warm and comfortable ambiance at the clinic. Janet is friendly, flexible and extremely gifted in her specialty

Casie J.
Submitted 09/21/19
Dr Tachuk was very nice and had a great bedside manner. He explained everything before beginning the procedure. All of the staff are friendly and helpful as well.

Nancy H.
Submitted 09/21/19
I have had several treatments at Viva Wellness. And all of them with fantastic results. From the front office staff. I recieved excellent service. They are always anticipating the patients needs. Answering any questions you may have. Doctor Michael, explains each of the procedures thoroughly. He listens to you and what your needs are. And then gives you his professional suggestions. You never feel rushed. I have been coming here for years. And its what I call “a little freshening up” I would highly recommend Viva Wellness to any of my friends or family.

Patricia F.
Submitted 09/20/19
This is the best place in San Diego for a lot of things concerning beauty and health. I have been going to Viva Wellness for almost twenty years now, maybe it had a different name before but always Dr Michael Tachuk was the artist. I would not go any other place. He is really really amazing . He is detail oriented , always ready to listen and I always leave this place with a smile on my face. Any one can contact me in private and I will share how I look at my age.

Lori P.
Submitted 09/20/19
I always enjoy coming to Viva, learning about new beauty treatments is the best. Inna is my favorite of course..I LOVE HER!!!

Cheryl E.
Submitted 09/20/19
Bryn is awesome! I’m a hardstick but she impressed me with her patience and professionalism.

Rosanna H.
Submitted 09/20/19
I have been coming to see the same doctor for about 12 years. He is caring, concerned and know just what I need. I highly recommend the services of his Clinic.