No matter how healthy you eat you can still be lacking in nutrients. When you’re feeling depleted, sick, or moody, a vitamin shot can help improve symptoms and aid in your immunity, improve your mood, skin, wellbeing, weight loss and overall health.

B12 – energy/, metabolism, stress relief and more
Lipotonix – cocktail of B12, B9, B6,B5, B3, chromium and L-Carnatine
B6 – Anti-inflamatory, hormone balancing, improve sleep, pms symptoms and more
M.I.C Lipo shot – weight loss, breaks down stored fat, cholesterol level
L-Carnatine – Athletic performance, stamina, muscle oxygen supply/recovery
NAD+ – Anti-Aging, Brain Health
Biotin – B7 – Skin&hair health
Glutathione – anti-aging, detox cell & liver, improves mental health , skin appearance
Vitamin D – healthy bones, skin, nails
Vitamine C – immunity, mood, skin health