Phentermine for Medical Weight Loss

We’ll help you realize your aesthetic and health goals

Many, if not most people are not completely satisfied with their body weight. While eating a proper diet and exercising are essential to living a healthy life, it may not help everyone slim down to their ideal body weight. Viva Wellness wants to help you realize your aesthetic and health goals. With phentermine, a medication to promote weight loss, we can help you slim down to your picture-perfect look!

Slim down to your picture-perfect look!

Located in San Diego, California, Viva Wellness Medical Group wants to help you achieve your aesthetic and wellness goals by offering the most advanced approaches to date. Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out which of our cutting-edge medical and cosmetic services are right for you!


What is phentermine?

Phentermine is a prescribed medication from our weight loss medical experts that can help you lose weight. This safe and effective formula can help you take control of your appetite and cravings as well as enhancing your body’s use of its energy, which may contribute greatly to slimming down. When paired with our medical weight loss program, you can see even greater results from this revolutionary treatment! Consult with our weight loss experts and find out if phentermine may be right for you!

How do I use phentermine?

If it is determined that phentermine is right for you, our medical personnel will give you instructions on how often you may need to take them. Depending on your lifestyle, our medical team may advise you to take this medication in the morning, as phentermine may cause difficulty falling asleep.

What will my dosage be?

The amount of phentermine you may need to take will be determined on your condition and your response to our medical examinations. To get the best possible weight loss results, we advise all patients to take the dose that is prescribed to them. We also recommend ingesting the phentermine at the same time every day to avoid forgetting to take it!

Am I a good candidate for phentermine?

You may be a good fit for phentermine if you are:

Looking to lose some weight

Practicing a healthy lifestyle with proper dieting and exercise

Slimming down is something many of us daydream about. With phentermine, your daydreams can become a reality!

Contact us today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out if phentermine can help you realize your perfect image! We look forward to helping you change your life!
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